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Organic Ginger Tea

Organic Ginger Tea

Own planting base, pure natural organic ginger. Modulation and production and processing are strictly control, give you the best product experience.

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Quick Details of Organic Ginger Tea:

Raw material: tender ginger


Package:1kg-bags,190g-bottled,10g-30g bags,doypacked, any other package as the clients required.

Delivery time:15days

Brand: the clients' brand or OEM or our own brand-Future

Capacity:500 000ctns/month





R&D centre

research center.pngLAB.jpg


Organic ginger tea production linec.png


Rganic ginger planting farm

planting farm .png


Sewage disposal facility

sewage disposal facility.png




A cup of hot organic ginger tea can warm your body up.


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The molasses usually used for food is obtained from sugar cane, because the flavor is generally preferred over beet sugar molasses, although in some areas, especially in Belgium and the Netherlands, sugar beet molasses is used. The white sugar used can be from either beet or cane, as the chemical composition, nutritional value, color, and taste of fully refined white sugar is for practical purposes the same, no matter from what plant it originates. Even with less-than-perfect refining, the small differences in color, odor, and taste of the white sugar will be masked by the molasses.

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