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Ginger appetizers and invigorating the spleen, promoting appetite
- Nov 11, 2016 -

In the heat of summer, because human saliva, gastric juice secretion decreases, thus affecting appetite, eat a few slices of ginger, can stimulate saliva, gastric juice and gastric juice secretion, increased intestinal motility, increase appetite. It is often said that the "winter to eat carrots, summer ginger", "food is not delicious, eating ginger," the truth.

Who says summer appetite, turmeric fried rice makes you appetite. This road delicious dining specific practices is: 1, and material: rice two Bowl, and green beans, and carrot d, and mushrooms d, and fungus d, and peppers d, and red pepper d the 2 spoon, and Ginger late half spoon, and turmeric powder 1 teaspoon, and health pumping 1 teaspoon, and salt little; 2, and practices: hot pot put amount oil, Xia all vegetables mix fried, Xia soy sauce and little salt; Xia rice, in the fire turned fried to rice clear, again Xia turmeric powder fried to uniform can shut fire tasting.

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