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Ginger bud can you eat
- Nov 11, 2016 -

Plant growth and adverse environmental conditions encountered in the process, and some will be temporarily suspended, a phenomenon known as sleep. Such as buds, bulbs, tubers and vegetables mature, accumulated a large amount of nutrients in the body, changes in plasma metabolic levels, growth stops, transpiration decreased respiration slowed, all life activities into the relatively quiescent state, in order to increase the resistance to adverse environments.

Has dormant period of vegetables a out dormant period, encountered right of growth environment on will germination, makes its tubers weight reduce, quality declined, as potato of dormant period a had began germination, not only potato block surface wrinkle shrink, and produced a biological alkali, edible Shi on human harmful; onion, and garlic seed and Ginger germination Hou fleshy will variable empty, and variable dry, garlic seed harvest yihou, dormant period General for 2-3 months.