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Rules for eating sushi
- Aug 04, 2018 -


You may or may not realize this, but there are Rules when you go out for sushi.

1.On chopsticks

fold your chopstick sleeve into a triangle as a rest for your chopsticks. Don't leave your chopsticks on the plate after each course--that makes extra work for the server. Also, don't rub your chopsticks together to get rid of the splinters. That's an insult to the chef because it means you don't trust that he's providing quality chopsticks.

2.On wasabi

Don't ever mix your wasabi into your soy sauce. If the chef grinds fresh wasabi, then you're just diluting the flavor and wasting his carefully-sourced product. It may not get you kicked out, but the chef is always watching to see if you know how to behave--and will adjust your meal accordingly.

3.On soy sauce

If the sushi comes already dressed (with soy or ponzu), don't add more soy sauce to it. The chef takes a lot of time to create the perfect balance of flavors. When you add more soy to your fish, that's the equivalent of telling the chef that you think you know sushi better than he does.

4.On ginger

One thing to never do: don't put ginger on top of your sushi and don't put ginger in your soy sauce either. The ginger provided is meant purely as a palate-cleanser, not a flavor enhancer. If the sushi chef wants some ginger on the piece of sushi for balance, he will have put it on there himself.

5.On rice

Don't mess with the rice. Even though a piece of sushi may seem small, it's very carefully constructed. If you take the fish off the rice and eat it as sashimi, you're ignoring half of the components of the dish.

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