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2017 Reform And Upgrading Of Sushi Ginger Production
- Mar 30, 2017 -

With the passage of time,Dunsunrise has been established for 15 years. Our business was founded on the idea of high-quality production and service,and we are consistent with this principle and never changed in today's complicated market environment. 

    Dunsunrise have set out a high-quality development strategy which follows the trend of Chinese supply-side reform to make structural adjustment and improve quality in 2017. We set a annual target for 2017,that is stabilization,innovation and upgrade. We named 2017 as a transformation-upgrading-year, therefore we will stabilize the present achievement and at the same time reform our business by virtue of interet technology.We will adopt the business pattern of  order-based accounting to meet diferent customer needs.

 We employed a well-known internet consulting firm to make a production reform according to Internet industry 4.0. And we upgraded our production-management schema which is customer-oriented and order-based. In this process, we calssified dierent clients and orders matchting with corresponding raw materials and accersory materials, manufacturing technique and quality control system. At the same time, we set up the key links in production chin and emphasisi supervision on the keys, therefore to improve the quality of the products.

The reform we do has been recognized by the government and we have received more and more acceptance by our competitors. We will continue to accumulate datas of order-based management, and planning to develop a management software for our production system which will be the first for ginger production industry in China. We believe we will become the leader in data-production of ginger food in China.