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Ginger Components
- Nov 11, 2016 -

Edible 95%. Energy per 100g 172kj, moisture protein 1.3G, fat 87g, 0.6g, 2.7g hunt fiber, carbohydrate 7.6g, carotene 170 µ g, retinol equivalent 28 u g, riboflavin thiamine 0.02mg, 0.03mg, niacin 0.8mg, vitamin c 4mg; k 295mg, na 14.9mg, 27mg calcium, magnesium 44mg, iron 1.4mg, manganese zinc 320mg, 0.34mg, Steel 0.14mg, p 25mg, SE-0.56 μ g. Gingerol containing promoting secretion of digestive juices and other ingredients.

With pungent and aromatic components. Of volatile oils in aromatic spicy ingredients as a kind of "Ginger oil ketones". Mainly for the ginger water fennel, camphor oil terpenes, terpene phenol, eucalyptus, ginger oil, starch, mucilage, and so on.