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Ginger Overview
- Nov 11, 2016 -

The roots of the plants of the genus, warm in nature, and its unique "Oleoresin" can stimulate the gastrointestinal Mucosa, gastrointestinal hyperemia, digestion enhancement, can effectively treat eating cold food caused by excessive bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. After eating ginger, people will feel the body heat, this is because it can cause blood vessels to dilate, blood circulation, body pores open, so that not only can walk the extra tropical, also the body's bacteria, chill out. As the body to eat cold things, got caught in the rain or after stay for long in the air conditioning room, eating ginger can eliminate symptoms due to cold body.

Shandong province Qingzhou economic zone big ginger Association is domestic main ginger planting and breeding institutions, big ginger Association by planting and sales of ginger varieties main including: Shandong big ginger, surface ginger, small yellow ginger, mountain nongda ginger first,, laiwu big ginger, laiwu small ginger, meat ginger, zhugenjiang, laifeng ginger, Zunyi White Ginger, Zhang Liangjiang, small yellow ginger, wild ginger more than 20 more than ginger varieties.

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