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OEM Instant Ginger Tea
- Mar 13, 2017 -

Laiwu Dunsunrise Foods Co., ltd  perennial supply instant ginger tea.

We have many designs of packing.

OEM is OK.


Instant ginger tea information:

1) package: Bag, Box, Bulk, Gift Packing, Vacuum Pack, AIU sachets, bag, box, carton

2) Special package :vacuum bag, inner box,  corrugated carton,packing belt.

3) 10 kg x 2 Bags/carton 15g x 20 sachets x 48 Boxes/Carton; 6g x 12 Sachets x 24 Boxes/Carton; 9g x 20 Sachets x 24 Boxes/Carton; 18g x 10 Sachets x 24 Boxes/Carton,OEM is OK

15g*12sachets*4 color box/gift box


4)Delivery Detail:   About 25 days after confirm the order.


5)Certification:ISO, QS, SGS,HCCP,FDA


7Primary Ingredient: Ginger, Chinses brown sugar, red dates




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