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Simple Fresh Ginger Closed Reservoir
- Nov 11, 2016 -

Rigorous selection of ginger, left in high quality bulk warehouse, well covered with a straw straw, preparation and storage. South direction of leiqi a brick wall in the warehouse, across a small warehouse, smeared with mud brick walls and clogging the brick, preventing cold wind blowing, ginger stack within the brick walls, ginger stack about 2 meters high, stacked evenly into the number of reeds into the ventilation tube to the top to facilitate ventilation. When hidden, without leaving any gaps in the corner, can be slightly loose in the middle. Stacked with mud or straw bag closed immediately after the top, hidden libraries should not be too large, generally every library piled up to 5000 kg. Temperature control 18-20 ℃, when the temperature drops, covering thermal insulation can be increased if temperatures are too high, can reduce the cover to thermal cooling.