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White and Pink Sushi Ginger for Japanese Sushi Food 340g Bottled

White and Pink Sushi Ginger for Japanese Sushi Food 340g Bottled

white and pink sushi ginger for Japanese sushi food 340g bottled (340g PET BOTTLE/*24/ CTN): Quick Details Packaging & Delivery Specifications The earliest sushi ginger manufacturer in Laiwu; The most advanced equipment and technology from Japan; The most excellent production and technical...

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Product Details

All of  our products are from our own ginger planting farm, and now sells to all over the world including Japan, EU, America, Asia and Africa.  From last year, we have developed natural sushi ginger and sushi ginger without MSG and Aspartame According to the market demand. We endeavor to offer healthy sushi foods to the people around the world and glad to provide samples.





Quick Details:

raw material: tender ginger


package:1kg-bags,190g-bottled,360gbottled,3g-10gminipacked, 20lbs barrels,20g-30g bags,doypacked, any other package as the clients required.

delivery time:15days

brand: the clients' brand or OEM or our own brand-Future


capacity:500 000ctns/month





R&D centre

research center.pngLAB.jpg


Production line

product line .png

Ginger planting farm

planting farm .png

Sewage disposal facility

sewage disposal facility.png






Ginger is called "Vishabhesaj" in Ayurveda, which Ayurvedic physician Vasant Lad translates as "universal medicine." That is both because of its wide applicability, its common use in medicine and kitchen, and its value for promotion of health.

One of the basic rules for promoting longevity and wellness in both Ayurveda and Chinese medicine is to promote good digestion. In fact, this is a tenant of health promotion in just about every traditional Asian culture.

Ginger in Ayurveda is so valuable for promoting health and wellness because it is so valuable for stimulating good digestion and for "waking up" a congested, clogged, slowed down or weakened digestion in both the ill and the soon to be ill. Both Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda speak of digestion as a process of warm transformation of gross material into fine essence. It is this fine essence of foods that is extracted in our blood streams after having been filtered by the liver after having been dissolved by our pancreatic enzymes, bile, and hydrochloric acid, after having been first masticated by the teeth and warmed and broken down a bit by our saliva.